Buskin River, above bridge no. 2
Kodiak, AK 99615

Information for our guests

Our ceremony will take place in the river with a few of our close friends by our side. 

We chose this location because it's what Kadie has had stuck in her pretty little head for years, but also because we met at the Buskin River Inn and Barometer Mountain is there to create a spectacular backdrop for photos.

Unfortunately there is no seating room, and standing room is limited. 

Attendees will need to be prepared to wear either Xtra Tuffs or waders of some sort.  We will  also have the MemoryMakers van there with our entire supply of waders for those of you that don't own them.

Driving directions

From town head towards the airport.  Turn left at the lower Buskin River turnoff and head towards the mouth of the river.  As you're making the sharp left corner you'll see there is turnout to your right - take it and park where you can.  Head towards the old condemned bridge and we'll have someone take you from there. You're here!






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